Saeburh Ales

Saeburh Brewery



The Main Line-up

Our Traditional Range



4percent citrus  
  Citrus Isles
IPA, Mildly citrusy, with a clean bite

A taste of something from
distant shores.
4percent amber  
  Amber No1
Malty, smooth bitter

Get ya black jack out,
it’s fit for any sea dog!
5percent charge  
Deep velvet ruby

Smooth with
a mild berry flavour.
5percent blacksails  
Black Sails
The black richness

Black gold!
Pilfer yourself some rare
loot and be on ya way!

Fancy Loot

5.8% CC  

As dark as a cannonball

Espresso style porter with a heavy hit!

Any threat be blown out the water with this!


5percent CF  

Cascade Falls

A higher hopped fruity pale ale


Just as refreshing as puttin' ya head

under that waterfall!




Our mild milk stout

A smooth, warming shot to ya face!